Adrift Anywhere’s New Beginners Guide to Miles and Points Section

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I have been receiving a lot of emails and even texts recently from friends and readers about how to start earning miles and points for free travel from credit card bonuses. I love answering these questions and because everyone’s situation is different, I created a helpful Beginner’s Guide section to help readers get an idea of where to start.  You can find this page on the top menu panel for easy access.

The Beginners Guide to Miles and Points outlines and describes the 7 different steps:

Step 1- Set Goals and Establish your Expectations

Step 2- Signup for Loyalty Programs to Start Earning Points

Step 3- Manage Your Miles

Step 4- Check Your Credit Score and Credit Report

Step 5- Take Advantage of Lucrative Credit Card Bonus

Step 6- Use Credit Cards to Meet Minimum Spend Requirement

Step 7- Redeem Your Miles


If you have any comments, questions or concerns please comment below or send me an email at to get in touch!


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Susan Aksu

Susan is a travel and lifestyle writer from Los Angeles, California. A lover of the outdoors, beautiful landscapes and different cultures, she's been on the road for the last 6 months in backpacking Southeast Asia and Argentina. Her loves include strong coffee, pristine beaches, a challenging hike and luxury-budget traveling.
  • Tim

    I have been doing this for some years and it’s amazing how many free trips I have been able to take around the world. Also don’t be afraid to sign up for more than one credit card that offers miles. You can double sometimes triple the rewards.

    • susan_aksu

      Yes! Great point! If you’re able to get approved for a few good offers at once, you can take some serious extensive holidays.